Magento platform migration

If you’ve chosen to migrate to Magento, you’ve made a great choice, it’s the world’s leading open source ecommerce platform. We, like many others love it, but appreciate that there may be something on your existing platform you don’t want to lose. We’ll help you bring the best of them over the new world of Magento.

Magento migration SEO

One of the biggest risks with a migration lies in a drop in Google rankings. There are too many horror stories around, where sites take months to recover from platform migration mistakes, through lack of planning or being unaware of underlying issues. Those hard earned rankings that your marketing teams have been pursuing, if managed incorrectly can nose dive, hurting your traffic and your sales, which can be devastating for your bottom line.

Our Magento SEO experience in platform migration follows a robust process to minimise any disruption to your google rankings. Our meticulous planning will ensure we cover every possible scenario to give your website the best chance of having minimal disruption and a boost in google rankings. We’ll tackle all of the necessary solution decisions with you, and then monitor your website through the process to ensure the right content if being crawled and indexed by Google’s. We’ll build a detailed plan of how to redirect your existing content through 301s, and accelerate googlebots discovery of the changes to your site.