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Flying Spares Case Study by magic42

Flying Spares

International B2B Magento with 240k catalogue, Khaos Control Integration and digital marketing.
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Stone Computers Case Study by magic42

Stone Computers

Adobe Magento Commerce B2C, B2B portal and PunchOut sites and bespoke loan payment solution.
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Alan Paine

Multisite, B2C migration from Magento to Shopify Plus with ERP integration.
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Haws Watering Cans

B2C eCommerce strategy, UX improvements, AdWords and Klaviyo email marketing management.
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Alan Paine

Multisite, B2C migration from Magento to Shopify Plus with ERP integration.
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Berry Flirt

Fast moving B2C theme and bundling solution on Shopify
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Hyvä Theme

Invest in a lightning fast, modern theme to breathe life into your Magento website with magic42 - proud suppliers of Hyvä.
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Hyvä supplier logo

The next generation Magento theme

Hyvä's high performance base theme provides the building blocks for a stronger Magento website. Replacing Magento's Luma theme, Hyvä provides a modern, faster eCommerce website with a lower total cost of ownership.

Hyvä supercharges your front-end

Hyvä is the leading front-end theme that lays the foundation for a stronger Magento website. Working with Magento Open Source, Adobe Commerce and Adobe Commerce Cloud, Hyvä is fully customisable by our experienced development team to give you the high-performance solution your eCommerce business needs.
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Hyvä's lightning-fast benefits

Fast, flexible and light-weight, Hyvä is the modern Magento front-end solution that boasts a range of benefits:

  • Lightning-fast page loading
  • Reduced complexity for higher developer productivity
  • Part of the modern technology stack
  • Greater community support and platform customisation
  • Lower cost of ownership.
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Magento boosted by Hyvä

Hyvä has been built from scratch to work with Magento. Based on Alpine.js and TailWindCSS, this new lightweight theme has been designed to elevate your eCommerce business like never before.
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Buysheds Direct Website

Hyvä Logo

Hyvä provides performance and speed with Magento

Hyvä works with Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce to a deliver a faster website experience, maintaining customer interest, increasing sales and providing unrivalled Google Pagespeed scores.

Our UK-based Magento development agency are proud suppliers of Hyvä. Born from retail and experienced in Magento development, we have a unique positioning in understanding eCommerce business needs. Due to Hyvä's lightweight design, our qualified Magento developers are able to deliver a flexible and scalable eCommerce website more efficiently than ever before. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do magic42 recommend using the Hyvä Theme?
Without a doubt. The Hyvä Theme already has strong momentum and support, infusing fresh energy into the Magento community.
Do all extensions work with the Hyvä Theme?
Not every extension integrates seamlessly with the base Hyvä Theme for Magento. In particular, front-end Magento extensions require extra development for theme compatibility, often due to Hyvä enhancing areas that users will interact directly with. On the other hand, back-end, modules that deal with store functionalities might not encounter the same compatibility challenges. It's therefore worth keeping an eye out for extensions that are Hyvä-compatible.
Will my Magento site be quicker with the Hyvä Theme?
Absolutely, the Hyvä Theme can greatly enhance the speed of a Magento site. Its streamlined codebase and lightweight design give Hyvä a distinct step up from Magento's default Luma theme. Utilising a Tailwind CSS-based framework and eliminating LessCSS styles from Magento, the Hyvä theme fine-tunes the store for exceptional speed and superior performance, elevating the customer shopping experience. The outcome will of course depend on the current site status and the decisions taken as part of the build.
How much does the Hyvä Theme cost?
Does the Hyvä Theme work with Magento Open Source
Yes, although some of your site's modules may not work out of the box, depending on their compatibility.
Does the Hyvä Theme work with Adobe Commerce and its full B2B features?

Mostly. For more information, visit:

Changing agencies with Shopify is much easier than other platforms. Using collaborator permissions, you can give Shopify Partners direct access to your Shopify admin areas. With adjustable collaborator permissions, you can limit the areas they can have access to. Having a Shopify Partner as a collaborator does not count towards your Shopify staff limit.

Interested in working with our UK-based team for your Hyvä website?

Contact us if you are looking to:

  • Take your Magento website to the next level with Hyvä
  • Improve the loading speed of your eCommerce site
  • Migrate to a modern solution
  • Work with experienced Magento developers
  • Enhance the customer experience and boost sales.
Partner with us to grow your business, using our real world experience as an eCommerce retailer.

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