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Specialising in Magento 1 & Magento 2 Open Source and Commerce Development

Expert Magento Certified Developers

magic42’s Magento certified development team will get your systems talking to each other and Magento neatly integrated into your wider business. From advice on the best Magento & Magento 2 extensions to migrating your data or bespoke development, we’ll work with you to find the best solution for your unique business.

eCommerce Experts

The word eCommerce was barely a year old when the first lines of the magic42 story were being written.

Born from retail success

Since starting life in 2000 as part of UK-based online retailer, Mobile Fun, we have overseen huge international expansion, a multi-site Magento migration and the inception and establishment of a new global brand.

We wanted to share that experience and expertise with other ambitious businesses so, powered by retail success, we created magic42.​

We haven’t just witnessed the explosion in global eCommerce.

We’ve been part of it.

Magento Development

Get eCommerce innovation with our mature, professional approach to Magento Development. Our unique background as retailer ensures the best ROI on your investment. 

Magento Website Design

Improve your user experience through innovative design. With a detailed focus on all touch points, our eCommerce knowledge will delight your customers and ultimately lead to grow conversion and return rate. 

B2B eCommerce

Streamline your B2B operations with a Magento B2B eCommerce site. We’ll develop rapid purchasing options, customer-specific products and prices and seamless integrations. 

International eCommerce

Seizing international eCommerce opportunities is all about market timing, speed and agility. Thanks to its unique multi-site architecture, Magento helps you launch faster, respond to market shifts and capitalize on new developments.

International Magento Growth

Magento Integrations

Ensure seamless operations by integrating Magento with external systems. We’ve integrated ERPs, shipping partners, payment methods and marketing tools to extend the functionality of our retail business and our client’s eCommerce websites.

Magento SEO

Grow your organic traffic just like we have for our own retail business. With 18 years’ eCommerce experience behind us, we will help you optimise your Magento setup for speed and SEO. 

magic42 the Magento Agency

From our own experience with Mobile Fun, we were confident that Magento provides the platform for ongoing retail success. In its ten-year history, Magento has established itself as the go-to platform for eCommerce retailers. Our adoption of Magento and subsequent multi-site migration gave our team of Magento developers unique first-hand insight and experience. That level of expertise means it’s no surprise that magic42’s retail success is now powering a growing client list of both B2B and B2C businesses.

ROI: the ultimate metric

Design and beautification matter, it’s true. But they mean nothing unless they deliver sales. At the heart of our approach to eCommerce web design is an unwavering focus on increasing your profit. Effective SEO, marketing automation and seamless integration of your systems are some of the ingredients for growth. But the exact recipe will depend on your business. That’s why we listen, question, and reflect carefully on your needs before suggesting the web development work our experience tells us will provide the biggest return on ROI.

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