Magento B2B eCommerce

B2B eCommerce with Magento

Grow your B2B success through Magento

Now is the right time to use Magento to build a b2b eCommerce platform

Use Magento for b2b to create a quick and easy, hassle-free experience for your customers. Selected as the recent b2b “Leader” by Forrester, Magento offers a huge range of functionality to create automated, efficient operations for your business.

Be powered by our retail success

We have 17 years of B2C and B2B experience as an award winning retailer to guide you

Streamline ordering 24/7

Get quick and easy ordering via a spreadsheet like interface for your customers, or even import order details from a spreadsheet. Users can order based on their current credit limit and even use their own shipping accounts. Ensure complete control with a permissions workflow to have orders approved by senior staff prior to submission.

Customer specific pricing and catalogues

Maintain bespoke pricing per individual customer and territory and allow products and shipping quotations to be submitted to your teams for approval. Reduce the number of requests on your teams by including all the information your customers need for a product on the website, including spec sheets and any other attachments.

Seamless integrations

Whether it’s managing credit limits, warehouse management systems, customer information or RMA processes, Magento’s open architecture allows seamless integrations with ERP and accounts packages to maximum efficiency.

Lead Generation

Educate, qualify and generate new leads through high converting landing pages, at the appropriate moment in the sales funnel. Lets us help you take advantage of Magento’s multi-site, multi-currency and multi-lingual options to expand internationally into new territories to trade in and grow your business.

Enterprise or Open Source for b2b?

Unsure of which version to choose to get the best value for money? Use our extensive retail and Magento experience to give you impartial advice to find the right solution for your b2b business.

Our Magento b2b experience

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