Developed by fibre specialists, Nanogen are the world's leading hair fibre brand for both men and women. They started their partnership with magic42 to deploy their recent rebrand to the digital world.

Premium Hair Thickening Treatment 

With Nanogen having undergone a recent rebrand, it was vital for the Magento website to be brought up a level to match the finesse created by the company. The luxurious products sold in a competitive market meant it had to be perfect. Particular efforts were made in collaboration between magic42 and Nanogen development teams which allowed the project to be a success.

Beautiful & Responsive Design

Nanogen teams needed full control of the website in order to create engaging pages and campaigns. Early on in the project, the front end page builder was released. This allowed the Nanogen team to start to add content and pages to the site as the developers continued to build the back end systems.

Highlighted Features

New and bespoke features continue to be added to the website, but here are a few highlights of the work so far.

Beautiful Complex Product Build

The ability for the customer to select products and have matching images show was a great addition to make the buying journey easier and engaging.

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