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February 18, 2019

B2B Magento login - How to hide your trade eCommerce site

Magento is great platform for b2b eCommerce with the ability to hide your b2b site forcing users to a login page before they can view anything. Magento is a the go to choice for B2B eCommerce platform develoment and for good reason.

It has all the bases covered when it comes to the kind of functionality b2b retailers look for in a platform. As of the release of Magento 2.2, licensed versions of Magento (e.g. Magento Commerce) come with a B2B module as standard allowing admins and developers to employ all the features of B2B eCommerce straight out of the box.

magento b2b login

B2B Open Source Extensions

For users of open source versions of Magento, which do not require licenses, there are a number of b2b extensions available to effectively replicate the features of Magento Commerce and in many cases provide additional innovation. Magento’s nature ensures that, with the right development, your Magento b2b instance can be integrated with all your other business systems to ensure seamless operations and a great browsing experience for your b2b customers.

Customer login screen on Magento 2

B2B eCommerce sites often include the functionality to hide all their content until a customer is logged in. This ensures that stock levels and range are not seen by competitors while pricing can be individualised for each account holding customer. Being crawled and indexed by Google and other search engines isn't important for most b2b eCommerce sites so such sites are frequently  set to “no index no follow”. For lead generation purposes, using Magento's multi site capability B2B retailers often opt to have either a non-transactional catalogue site or a B2C site. All this ensures a level of security because site admins have full knowledge of who has access to the site.

Customer Groups in Magento 2

Other implementations give each of your customers a dedicated store with its own bespoke branding and look & feel. This allows b2b distributors to develop key b2b features at the top level, but then "skin" child sites per client providing a seamless, branded customer experience for ordering. Logos, fonts and colours can be changed to match each retailers livery. We help businesses achieve this with development of Magento's multisite setup.

Use the Commerce feature here to hide all content behind a login

Should you be on Magento Open Source, we can help you find and install a suitable extension for your b2b eCommerce needs that is secure, stable and won't impact your site's performance. We're experts in extending b2b magento open source to become a leading b2b eCommerce solution.

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